Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Biological Farming and Gardening

Gardening in a healthy and balanced soil is important for plant well-being and resilience. One way to promote healthy soil is the use of compost teas, which suppress disease causing organisms. Compost teas also provide nutrients, improve soil structure, and help plants stay healthy. Vermicompost, also known as worm castings, enriches the soil and is used as a high grade natural, organic fertilizer.

On Tuesday, February 7, Cottage Grove Garden Club welcomes Bruce Elliott to talk about Biological Farming and Gardening. Bruce’s company, Sustainable Agricultural Technologies of Cottage Grove specializes in compost tea brewers and vermicomposting worm bins.

Please join the Garden Club as we learn about improving soil health through biologics. Informal business meeting begins at 6pm, Bruce’s talk begins at 7pm. Refreshments provided, all guests welcome.

Cottage Grove Garden Club meets at the First Presbyterian Church, 216 South 3rd Street (the corner of 3rd and Adams), Cottage Grove, Oregon. Garden Club members are encouraged to park in the lot behind the church, not along 3rd Street.

Upcoming Presentations
March 7: Pollinators with Krista Farris of US Forest Service
April 4: Growing Vegetables in Containers with Andrea Mull
May 2: Raising and Using Lavender with Carol Tannenbaum of McKenzie River Lavender

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