Sunday, October 14, 2018

Gardening Forum: November 6

We all have questions about gardening, whether we are new to gardening or have been gardening for decades we all have questions. We all, also, have answers and experiences to share.

By popular demand, on Tuesday November 6, Cottage Grove Garden Club will be hosting a Gardening Forum. Bring your questions and bring your answers and experiences, because at this round-table discussion we will be answering each-others gardening questions.

This gardening forum is perfect for people new to gardening or new to the Cottage Grove area. It is also perfect for seasoned gardeners who have more specific questions.

Please join us. Our informal business meeting begins at 6 PM and the Gardening Forum runs from 7 to 8 PM. All guests and visitors welcome. Light refreshments provided. We meet at the First Presbyterian Church, 216 South 3rd Street (the corner of 3rd and Adams), Cottage Grove, Oregon, enter off the garden on Adams Street.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Our Native Bees: October Presentation

Pollination is necessary for most plants to reproduce, and pollinators—including bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, wasps, flies, and others—are happy to do the job.

When talking about pollinators, people often think about honey bees, however honey bees are not native to Oregon and their populations are in decline. Oregon is home, though, to over 500 native bees some of which are better pollinators than the European honey bee. As gardeners, we can support our native bees and encourage them to pollinate our plants by adjusting our gardening habits.

On Tuesday, October 2, Cottage Grove Garden Club welcomes Jimmie Rundall to learn about Oregon's native bees.

Jimmie's presentation will include general descriptions of the 560 species of pollinator bees in Oregon as identified by Oregon State University. Jimmie will also talk about the differences between bees and wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets.

Image from the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture
Included in the presentation will be a short video to show what actually happens when a flower is being pollinated. And we'll learn the characteristics of honey bees, mason bees, and bumble bees which make them especially suited to pollinate different flowers.

Finally, Jimmie's presentation will close with suggestions on how gardeners can help save our native pollinators.

Our presenter, Jimmie Rundall grew up on a 40 acre fruit farm in eastern Oregon near La Grande, and graduated from OSU with a degree in structural engineering. After retiring in 1998, Jimmie took the Master Gardeners class and now teaches pruning and grafting, and supervises a fruit orchard with 115 fruit trees at the Grassroots Garden in Eugene.

Garden Club meets at the First Presbyterian Church (on the corner of 3rd and Adams). Our business meeting begins at 6pm, Jimmie's presentation begins at 7pm. All guests and visitors invited! Refreshments provided.

Monday, August 27, 2018

What's Your Sign? Garden Art Project

Free Weeds! Pull Your Own!
Gardeners know all the dirt
never enough thyme
bless my bloomers
Trespassers Will Be Composted!
time began in a garden
Come Gather in Our Garden
I don't remember planting this!
This is my happy place.

Whether it is funny, insightful, serious, or tongue-in-cheek, come join Cottage Grove Garden Club on Tuesday September 4 as we express ourselves creating signs for our gardens!

First, at 6:00 pm we'll be getting back into the grove of our regular monthly meetings, then at 7:00 pm resident-artist Peggy Severns will help us create garden signs to proudly display in our own gardens.

Are you more of a gardener than artist? Do not fear! Peggy will come equipped with all the supplies we'll need, including wood for painting on, stencils, paints and paintbrushes. You only need to bring your creativity and imagination.

A few things to note: although Peggy says the acrylic paint we'll be using dries quickly, be prepared to take home a sign that is still slightly wet. Also, due to time constraints, we will not be able to apply top-coats to our signs, so if you are wanting to expose yours to the elements, plan on applying a varnish later.

Please join us.
A couple of the signs hanging from the eves of Peggy's porch.

Garden Club meets at the First Presbyterian Church (on the corner of 3rd and Adams). Our business meeting begins at 6pm and our sign creation begins at 7pm. All guests and visitors invited! Refreshments provided.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Constructing and Caring for Container Water Gardens: June 5 program

Water hyacinths in a small water garden.
A small water garden on a patio or deck provides a focal point and a sense of tranquility. And the best part -- it can’t be overwatered! Plus, water gardens do not need weeding and with the right balance of plants and water they are relatively maintenance free.

On Tuesday, June 5, the Cottage Grove Garden Club welcomes Faye Forhan, who will talk about Constructing and Caring for Container Water Gardens. Faye is the past president of the Oregon Koi and Water Garden Society, the owner of two koi ponds and several water gardens, and a member of the Garden Club. Faye will demonstrate how to construct and care for a free-standing, pot-sized water garden, including how to pick the right container, how to select a pump, and the types of plants that work in our climate. Faye will also discuss potting material, dealing with mosquitoes, and water garden ornaments.

This program will be good for people interested in water gardening but who don't know where to start, or those who already have a water garden and are looking for tips and tricks. Plus, the Garden Club will be raffling off the water garden that Faye creates as well as other water-garden goodies.

Garden Club meets at the First Presbyterian Church (on the corner of 3rd and Adams). Our business meeting begins at 6pm and Faye's presentation will begin at 7pm. All guests and visitors invited!

Please join us for our last formal presentation before the summer break.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Living Soils: May 1st at Garden Club

When you consider what is living in your garden, you may think of plants, worms, or ground beetles. Or possibly pests like gophers, slugs, and aphids. Let’s go deeper than that.

On Tuesday, May 1, Cottage Grove Garden Club will host Melissa Fery from the OSU Extension Service to talk about "Living Soils: Microorganisms and Soil Health." Melissa will discuss the life teeming beneath the soil's surface—the amazing microorganisms that help create a healthy soil which is fundamental for growing plants. Soil microbiology play important roles in nutrient cycling and the quality of our soil. While often unnoticed, there are millions to billions of microorganisms in a single gram of soil. Melissa will help us to fully appreciate bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, and other soil microbiology. She will also discuss ways to manage our soils to maintain healthy, biodiverse gardens.

About our speaker: Melissa Fery learned to enjoy gardening from her mom when growing up near Cottage Grove. After graduating from CGHS, she earned degrees in Crop Science and Environmental Soil Science at Oregon State University. Since 1998 Melissa has been working with Oregon’s diverse agriculture industry and has spent the last 13 years serving as a Small Farms Extension Agent with the OSU Extension Service. Melissa has also been enthusiastically supporting South Lane schools with farm and school garden educational experiences. She is in a happy place when kids are excited about soil, bugs, plants, and the natural world around them.

Please join Cottage Grove Garden Club May 1st at the First Presbyterian Church, 216 South 3rd Street. Our informal business meeting begins at 6pm, and we start learning about microorganisms and soil health at 7pm.

Next Month: Water Gardens with Faye Forhan on Tuesday June 5.