Friday, March 21, 2014

Better Garden and Flower Photography

On Tuesday, April 1, Cottage Grove Garden Club is proud to present Brinsley Burbidge talking about how to take better photographs of gardens and flowers.

Brinsley’s talk — illustrated with many photographs — will be very practical and will show ways in which making memorable pictures is less about buying an expensive camera and more about the way you use what you already have (though he believes that outstanding lens design does help). He will also look at the limitations of letting your camera make all the decisions for you. The talk will examine the challenging issue of getting the color right (one of his personal obsessions) and highlight camera settings that can make all the difference to the final result. He will also show how the use of some small and inexpensive gadgets can make vast improvements to your pictures.

Brinsley believes that photographic software is an essential partner in making winning photographs and will show how even free software can make a great difference. Many of the photographs in the talk will be from around Cottage Grove.

Photographing gardens and plants for most of his life. Brinsley has worked for some of the major Botanic Gardens in Britain and the USA, has run photography departments, and has made botanical expeditions to many countries, especially in Central Asia and South America. He was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society for natural history photography and was responsible, with three fellow photographers, for founding the agency Nature Photographers Ltd.

Please join us, Tuesday, April 1 in the Friendship Hall at the First Presbyterian Church, 216 South 3rd Street (the corner of 3rd and Adams). Our business meeting begins at 6pm and Brinsley's talk begins at 7pm. All guests welcome, refreshments provided.