Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rain Gardens

A Rain Garden is a “sunken garden bed” in your yard where you can direct runoff from your roof, driveway, and other impervious surfaces on your property. They allow the rain to soak into the ground naturally rather than flowing into storm drains where it can negatively impact fish and other wildlife in our streams and rivers.

For our November program, Sandi McIntosh, Outreach Coordinator for the Upper Willamette Soil and Water Conservation District will talk about rain gardens, including  how to locate one in your garden, which plants work best, how to maintain them, and why they are worth the effort (hint, they improve water quality and are attractive to wildlife).

Please join the Garden Club on Tuesday, November 5 at the First Presbyterian Church. Our business meeting begins at 6:00 pm and Sandi's Rain Garden presentation begins at 7:00. Refreshments provided, all are welcome.