Thursday, August 29, 2013

The "Fruits" of our Labors: An end of summer show-and-tell

Share you summer garden adventures with the Garden Club!

What happened in your garden this summer? What inspired you? Our September 3rd “program” will be a special Garden Club show-and-tell. We want Garden Club members to show off their gardens and share their garden’s bounty!

Are your flowers especially pretty? Bring a bouquet for our tables! Or perhaps you grow dahlias and you’d like to show us the difference between a dinner plate, a collarette, and a pom pon?

Maybe your tomatoes or cucumbers are tasty. Bring a sample – well identified – so we can chose our varieties for next year. Or, perhaps, a jar of specially canned jam or pickles for us to enjoy.

Did you spend the summer building bird houses, making garden art, or otherwise being creative? Bring in a sample, or pictures, or maybe even directions so we can do our own.

Are you doing hardscaping, perhaps a new patio or a new greenhouse? Did your summer travels take you somewhere inspiring? Are your hanging baskets especially beautiful? Bring in photos to share! We will show digital photos on the screen and lay printed photos on a table.

This special September social event will rely on you to make it spectacular. We’ll have our business meeting at 6pm, and social activities begin by 7pm.