Sunday, August 30, 2015

Canning the Summer's Harvest
Garden Club's September Program

Whether they are Mighty 'Matoes from Log House Plants or Indigos from Territorial Seed, what do you do with your abundance of tomatoes? Canning is one way to preserve those luscious red globes.

On Tuesday, September 1, Cottage Grove Garden Club’s own Master Food Preservers will demonstrate how easy it is to safely can your tomatoes using the water bath method. This presentation will feature a demonstration and discussion about canning tomatoes and tomato products. Remembering the risk of botulism poisoning, the information will focus on what to water bath can and what to pressure can. SAFE and tasty recipes for combined tomato-vegetable sauces and salsas will be demonstrated and shared. Making a delicious basil tomato hors d'ouevre by dehydrating them together will also be demonstrated and tasted.

Presenters are Garden Club members Ona Chambers, Suzanne Keaveny, and Beth Pool.

Please join us on Tuesday, September 1 at the First Presbyterian Church in Cottage Grove for Canning the Summer’s Harvest with Master Gardeners and Preservers. Our regular meeting starts at 6pm and the presentation begins at 7pm.

Refreshments provided. All guests and visitors welcome.